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5 Eateries You Wish Delivered

Photo from Emily Shapiro

West Long Branch, NJ – As college students, sometimes there is no bigger want than to have something delivered to your bed on a Sunday morning after you had a rough night. The typical fat sub or Chinese food just does not hit the spot anymore. It is time for some of our favorite places to hire delivery drivers, and begin delivering to our bedsides when we really need them. Here are 5 places college students wished delivered.
1. Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts
There are two types of people in this world. We have people who run on Dunkin, and people who smile at the thought of a Starbucks on every corner. Both have one thing in common: their love of caffine. Whether the struggle is real when you cannot get your Frappuccino, or the thought of moving without your Coolata seems petrifying, both types of people would love to have a barista pop into their dorm room with their favorite morning go-to. Caffeine is not just for the morning though. When there is a big exam the next day, and you need to spend all night studying, it would be fantastic if you did not even have to take a break to go get coffee. “I wish Starbucks delivered,” said Megan Eustice, a Junior at Monmouth University. “It would be more convenient, especially for when you are up late studying for an exam or writing a paper.”
2. New Jersey Diners
For those of you who did not know, New Jersey is the unofficial diner capital of the world.  With so many diners packed into one state, it’s hard to believe that not one of them can deliver breakfast to our bedside before that dreaded 8 a.m. alarm rings. Imagine your favorite omelet waiting for you as soon as you open your eyes. The snooze button would no longer be needed. Waking yourself up to eat eggs, pancakes, and french toast would be a lot easier than convincing yourself not to miss your earliest class of the day.
3. Chipotle
Nearly every Chipotle patron has asked the question, “Why doesn’t chipotle deliver?”  As college students, one of our hardest decisions to make is if we want a burrito bowl today or maybe just a burrito. Now imagine making that decision in the comfort of your own room. Could life get any better after that?
4. Panera Bread
When the cold air starts to make its way to Jersey, and the snow begins to fall, they best e-mail of your life pops into your inbox. “Classes are cancelled” can make any person cry tears of joy. While not being able to get to class is exciting, not being able to get to the dining hall is depressing. Nobody wants to put on six layers of clothes just to go get a sandwich or a cup of soup. That is why the only solution is for Panera Break to greet you at the door of your resident hall. Nothing seems more satisfying then a steaming cup of your favorite soup when you are determined to finish a whole season of your favorite show on Netflix in one day.
5. Ben and Jerry’s
While it does get very cold halfway through the school year, towards the end of the school year the heat hits us like nothing before. There are no amounts of fans that can make a dorm room seem cold, but there is an amount of ice cream that will do the trick.  With the car being hotter than the dorms after sitting in the sun all day, the last thing someone wants to do is touch a melting seatbelt. That is why every girl’s favorite two men should come to her. Ben and Jerry’s can turn any girls day around with the options of flavors to cool them down. Having it be delivered would just be a huge bonus.
Whether you run on Dunkin or only allow Ben and Jerry to hang out with you on a Friday night, delivery is something everyone wishes to have. Not many things come easily to college students, so why make food one of those things that is hard to get? Delivery for these places may not be happening just yet, but you never know what could happen.