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Yankees Talk With Mike

(The Verge) –My name is Michael Karatay. I am a resident of Manalapan, New Jersey and also attend Monmouth University as a Business major. In this series of blogs, I will analyze Yankee games as well as moves made by the team. I try to watch each Yankee game with the same attentiveness as a Yankee beat reporter would.
To start, I am sometimes overly critical of the Yankees and other times, I am biased in my views because the Yankees are my favorite team in sports. Some may call it crazy, but I call it a lifestyle. Following the Yankees is a dream I have had for about three years now, though it is unlikely to turn into a real career. I still want to have fun with it and have people read what I believe of the team and also criticize what I have to say about certain things. I have a blog which I update on a daily bases. My posts range from lineup announcements to post-game analysis all the way back to trades and free agent signings during the off-season.
During the off-season I also like to play the “what if” game regarding players I would love to see with the Yankees. My favorite players on the Yankees are Robinson Cano and Brett Gardner. Robinson Cano is easily in the top three best players in all of baseball. Gardner, though he is hurt and will be out for the remainder of the season, is a force on the bases and a weapon in left field. Many consider him a one-dymentional player but I view him as an essential piece in what the Yankees are trying to do. He provides a different element and gives pitchers a hard time when he is on base, a far cry from what the rest of the Yankee lineup does.
In closing, I would like to welcome you to my Yankees blog. I hope to engage in meaningful banter with many of my readers as well as give some perspective on the Yankees and their moves.
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