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Hawk Feud Raises $3,000 for Habitat

WEST LONG BRANCH, N.J.–Alpha Kappa Psi hosted their annual philanthropy event, Hawk Feud, on March 23, in Monmouth University’s Pollak Theatre.  In the ultimate showdown between the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi and the famous Monmouth Bench, the basketball boys ultimately took home the title of Hawk Feud Champions and won a $50 gift card to Applebee’s.
Alpha Kappa Psi President Keith Lee and Jordan Magenheim acted as hosts for the night, cracking jokes, reading tweets from the audience, and facilitating classic “survey says” questions to the participating teams during multiple rounds.
Many Greek organization members, athletes, and Monmouth students watched the sisters of Alpha Omnicron Pi and the Monmouth Bench battle it out for the Hawk Feud victory. They also got to see Tau Delta Phi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Tau Delta, and the MU track team, the other contenders who did not make it past the preliminary rounds of the game.
The questions in both the preliminary and final rounds consisted of relatable questions with which 100 college students were surveyed.  “What do you tell your professor when you don’t come to class?” and, “What do people do while driving that they are not supposed to be doing?” were just some of the questions posed.
Both final teams worked hard to articulate answers and gain points while keeping the audience laughing. Ultimately, however, the Monmouth Bench came out on top.
The event was a great victory for the winners, but it was more so for Alpha Kappa Psi’s philanthropy, Habitat for Humanity. All $3,000 of the proceeds from the event have gone to the organization, which Alpha Kappa Psi has been volunteering for and giving generous donations to since 2011.
“We are extremely happy that over $3,000 has been raised for our philanthropy, Habitat for Humanity,” said Madaio, vice president of philanthropy and one of the faces behind the scenes of Hawk Feud. “This foundation is one of a kind, and continues to encourage Alpha Kappa Psi to give back to the community. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the help of my committee.”
It definitely was not a one man job. Madaio, his philanthropy committee, and the brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi had been planning this event since December 2015.  They gathered contestants, but they also organized preliminary rounds, advertised for the event, and tackled everything in between.
“I have watched all of the hard-work placed into Hawk Feud pay off,” said Madaio. “The amount of time and effort dedicated to this event was very rewarding.”
Kellie Orcutt, another key member of Alpha Kappa Psi’s philanthropy committee, was also excited about the success of the event and all the hard work that was put into it.
“It was definitely a lot of work!” said Orcutt. “Setting up the actual game was a little challenging and the PowerPoint was very touchy sometimes.  Other outside stuff that was done was getting the awards for the teams that participated, getting a DJ, and coordinating with the hosts to make sure everything went smoothly.”
“Though I couldn’t really see how the event was going since I was on the side running the visuals, overall I think it went very well! I was happy with the turnout of the event,” she added.