DIY Studded Shorts

West Long Branch, N.J. (The Verge) – Have you ever been to a trendy boutique and fell in love with something you couldn’t afford? Me too.
It seems the most adorable clothes and shoes are the most expensive however with a little thrift I proved this to be untrue.
I came across a pair of gorgeous studded denim shorts. Instantly, I was compelled to buy them, however my bank account did not feel the same way and I don’t think my credit score can withstand another blow like Bloomingdales did the last time.
Instead I did some research and found out that I could make my own studded shorts at an affordable price. I was shocked to find the do-it-yourself shorts looked identical to the $180 shorts I was seeing online.
To create my own version of the denim shorts all I needed was a butter knife, studs and shorts.
I purchased $16 red denim shorts from Forever 21. I then ordered gunmetal studs from eBay for four-dollars.
The stud has four sharp protrusions that easily pierce the denim fabric. Once through the denim fold them down with a butter knife.
For $20 I replicated a designer look and now you can too.

(BEFORE) Trendy shorts without the studs. Photo courtesy of: Michelle Poterala

(AFTER) Here, the same shorts are transformed with the studs. Photo courtesy of: Michelle Poterala